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Acrildesign srl carries a line of specialty acrylic sheets used by architects, designers and interior decorators to create innovative, attractive spaces, furniture and decorative articles. The acrylics are strong, easy to work with and maintain their finish in high use areas. 

Our lines of specialty acrylic panels are an interior product but may be used outdoors with an approximate 5 year life span. It is suggested that you protect any printed graphic surface from scratches to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Acrildesign srl will work with you to select the acrylic sheet that is most applicable for your application.

acrylic embedments


thirty years manufacturing experience

Well chosen corporate gifts have the ability to be effective tools for both internal and external communication. They can be used to reinforce the company ethos to your staff as well as project your brand identity to clients.

Cast acrylic is an extremely versatile material that allows us to create the perfect gift tailored to your needs. High optical clarity, bespoke moulding, layered printing and embedment opportunities can be combined to create a truly unique look. 

One of our specialties is the production of acrylic heels for shoes..Many famous brands are turning to our company for their creations

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glass + cast acrylic sheets + glass