About This Project

Our acrylic sheets are produced by cast method. PMMA is obtained becoming multi-state as a result of changing the molecular structure of acrylic at monomer state.
PMMA is shaped as a plate through to form into the desired sizes and thicknesses on the production line which known as extrusion lines.
• Is much lighter than glass. So easy to transport and stacking.
• Transparent, colored acrylic, 92% light transmission than glass has.
• Light transmission is high.
• Excellent resistance to weather conditions.
• Strong resistance to high temperatures.
• Not affected by humidity.
• UV light transmittance is 0%.

All’interno di lastre in Pmma colato è possibile inserire una multitudine di oggetti. La nostra azienda vanta una grande esperienza in queste applicazioni che possiamo mettere al servizio della nostra clientela. In questo esempio son state inserite delle piume bianche e realizzato un basamento con led che trasforma l’oggetto in una lampada dal sapore magico. Questo pezzo fa parte della collezione che abbiamo chiamato: Object-Embedded Acrylic Sheets.

In sheets PMMA cast you can place a multitude of objects. Our company has extensive
experience in these applications that we can put at the service of our customers. In this
example you are been inserted white feathers and made a stand with LED that turns
the object into a lamp by the magical flavor.

This type of acrylic sheets are part of the series ” NATURAL ” and incorporate the white feathers of the goose . Place into a slab casting plexi seem that fly pushed by a gust of wind . Ideal as a decorative panel interior . Accentuates all its beauty if illuminated by a LED light strip around its sides .